Employer Branding

Sourcing and attracting talent is a big issue for small organisations: scaling startups find it the hardest task. Not only is pitching your new organisation a task, understanding motivations and intent to stay for a long time are difficult to ascertain. At a time when you compete for talent with the best of organisaitons, how do you differentiate yourself?

We at i4 Consulting provide you with a bouquet of services that will enable you to reach out to the best talent and position your firm as the ‘Best Place to Work’. A collective vision as the organisation begins to grow is what engenders a robust corporate culture.

Candidates need to recognise that vision and buy into it, so that those values become part of the warp and weft of organisational life. We power Talent Acquisition team with:

  • Career pages and website
  • Know where your talent is – Social Media Handles ( 2 minimum from LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram handle)
  • Glassdoor page and review management
  • Showcasing Vision, Mission and Culture videos
  • Build your talent community and network

A strong employer brand turns your entire organization into a referral engine and helps reduce cost of hiring with higher retention of key talent

Showcasing Job Descriptions

1. Creative and Attractive
2. Communicate right set of skills, experiences, benefits and cultural nuances
3. Establish framework for customized communication for any new role

Culture Fitment

  • What does a perfect workday look for a prospective employee?
  • Are your values aligned?
  • Does the candidate look like a perfect team fit? Will he thrive?

We at i4 Consulting, work with you to ascertain the best culture fit through assessments and internal bench marking at the time of recruitment. The exercise ensures that we hire the best candidate for the role not just from a skills perspective but also best aligned to your mission and vision

For the scaling organisations, we work on building teams the right way using Human Science and Behavioral Assessment

  • Identify your most productive team members – ones who work best remotely
  • Create collaborative teams based on their core working style
  • Empower Leaders to engage and motivate teams effectively

Employees who embrace your culture and values go on to become great brand ambassadors; they boost morale and teamwork and help positively affect future recruiting.