Talent Acquisition

Shorten time to performance readiness with the right talent strategy

We build a talent strategy that focuses on attracting the right talent matched with your organization’s purpose, demands of the role, and unleashing the capability of each one

Analyze Needs

Align candidates’ profile criteria | List top 5 skills/characteristics for the role


Map talent across industries | Search to uncover effective but passive candidates | Leverage our professional network


Qualify candidates using structured assessments | Tailor process according to the brief | Standardize the process for objective assessment


Complete comprehensive & structured reference check | Manage the offer process on your behalf

C3 Model

The art and science of hiring for successful organizations, the i4 way!

Success Stories


A large retails chain with 10+ brands was looking to adopt an omnichannel strategy to power future growth. To accomplish this they were in search of talent that could be part of the transformation on day one.


Enabled omni-channel strategy of a large retail change through Talent transformation


We adopted a comprehensive approach to affect fundamental change

We understood the business goals and needs driving the transformational project

Mapped an engagement journey spanning 4-6 months across geographies

We helped the retail giant map, benchmark and hire talent from the 'Big 4' consulting firms, e-commerce giants

Helped the team prepare for next level of changes

Profiled the roles that needed to be filled across all departments and regions - comprehensively covering issues including compensation, cost of living, skill set requirements and business stages


The world of Fintech balances the excitement of applying new-age technologies to the traditional and trusted space of banking and finances. Organizations need to reflect this balance throughout to be trusted and achieve growth in the market.

A seed-level start-up was looking to complete its leadership and get off on the right foot and was looking to hire talent for its leadership team.


We adopted a comprehensive approach to affect fundamental change

We identified the challenges in attracting top level talent at an early stage for startups

We worked very closely with Founders at employer branding initiatives

Our team in collaboration with the fintech startup team worked on positioning, identifying marketing channels, and defining interview process to ensure high candidate experience


We helped hire the entire leadership team even before they had a website: Chief Product, Head Engineering and Head Sales

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